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Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner 16 oz.

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Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner
Wolfgang Concours Series Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner
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Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner
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Cleaning really dirty wheels has never been easier!

If you've been looking for a wheel cleaner that's powerful and safe Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner is for you! Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner destroys built up brake dust and road grime faster than you thought possible. Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner will quickly become your go-to wheel cleaner when nothing else works. When it comes time to clean neglected wheels, Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner enables you to get the job done quickly and safely. Finding a wheel cleaner that is strong enough to remove brake dust, yet safe enough for use on delicate wheel finishes without staining was once a daunting task. In the past you couldn't find a wheel cleaner that was both powerful and safe but now you get both features with Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner.

Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner changes color to show you that it's working!
Changes colors as it cleans!

Approved for all wheels
Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner is safe for all wheels including, chrome, aluminum, clear coated, anodized, billet, and painted wheels. It's even safe for painted and chrome wheel covers!

Heavy Duty Cleaning Action
Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner is non-acid and pH neutral and yet is powerful enough to melt away brake dust with ease. Traditionally, acid was used to break the bond between metallic brake dust particles and your wheel's finish. While acid works well it is harsh and damaging to most wheel finishes. Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner uses new advanced chemistry that dissolves brake dust and oily road grime off your wheels so well that in most cases minimal agitation is all that's required.

Color Changing Shows You It's Working!
Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner sprays on clear and instantly starts attacking baked on brake dust, dissolving it and removing it. You can tell it's working because when it comes into contact with any metallic brake dust particles it turns red!

Perfect for BMWs and other European Automobiles
European automotive companies are known for the powerful engineering that goes into their vehicles and to bring that power to a safe stop they are also known for their incredible braking ability. A result of tremendous braking power is a lot of brake dust and Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner can easily remove the worst brake dust off the best of cars.

Best Choice for Severely Neglected Wheels
Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner is the best choice for heavily neglected wheels that have not been properly cleaned in months, or even years! Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner cleans and restores the beauty to even the most neglected wheels. In most cases Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner will not require any agitation from a wheel brush. For severely neglected and stubborn brake-dust build-up, simply agitate the cleaner using a quality wheel brush.

Spray a liberal amount of Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner directly on the face of the wheel and the wheel barrels
Spray a liberal amount of Uber Wheel Cleaner directly on the face of the wheel and the wheel barrel.
Agitate the wheel barrels using the Speed Master Wheel Brush
Let it stand for 2-3 minutes and then agitate the wheel barrel with the Speed Master Wheel Brush.
Agitate the face of the wheel using the Montana Boar's Hair Wheel Brush
Clean the face of the wheel with the 8 Inch Montana Boar's Hair Wheel Brush. Thoroughly rinse wheel.

Application Directions:

  1. Always work on a cool wheel in the shade.
  2. Always work on only one wheel at a time.
  3. Spray Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner onto face of wheel and inside wheel barrels.
  4. Allow Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner to penetrate for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Agitate using appropriate wheel brushes.
  6. Spray wheels with a strong jet of water and rinse thoroughly until rinse water runs clear.

For severely neglected wheels, agitate cleaner with an appropriate wheel brush like the Speed Master Wheel Brush or the 8" Montana Boar's Hair Wheel Brush. Both are safe for all wheels.


Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner makes neglected wheels look brand new!
Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner creates a sparkling clean finish on all wheels!