How to Make Pad Cleaning Easy

You use your pads to compound, to polish, to seal, to apply an all in one and to wax. So, it's safe to say your pads are a pretty popular tool in your detailing arsenal. That being said, you need to take proper care of your pads so that you can reuse them, rather than buying new ones for each and every step and/or for each and every job. But don't worry! Wolfgang has a variety of products to keep your pads looking great, feeling great and working great.

Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Cleaner

When you use your pads, all types of chemicals seep into the surfaces, hindering your detailing job the next time you go to use it. In order to keep your pads from ruining your next detailing job, you have to keep them cleaned and conditioned. First, start out with the Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Cleaner.

The Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Cleaner is a fast acting, concentrated pad cleaner that quickly dissolves and emulsifies compounds, polishes and waxes to make cleaning fast and easy! It will increase pad performance by removing any chemicals or solvents that were clogged up in your pads. It also can help prevent scratching by eliminated the leftover compound and polish residues left in the pad.

The Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Cleaner is best used right after using said pad with any compound, polish or wax, so that the residue is still wet. Powerful cleaning agents will mix with those wet residue and emulsify all types of water-in-oil and oil-in-water suspension, so that they will release their glue-like hold on foam, wool and microfiber pads. It is always best to use a Foam Pad Conditioning Brush to agitate the surface to really dig deep.

Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Conditioner

Once you clean your pad, it will be practically good as new, which means it may be a little stiff. In fact, brand new pads and dry, clean used pads tend to be stiffer and coarser until they are broken in. But not everyone has time to mess around with that waiting period. But with Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Conditioner you can accelerate that process, ensuring maximum performance from the pad thanks to its advanced lubricating agents.

The benefit to Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Conditioner is that it saves you time and hassle during that break-in period, but it also reduces the risk for micro-marring and swirls. This is because a stiff pad can cause these effects, so the moistening agents in the conditioner help to prevent this.

Wolfgang Pad Werks Pad Cleaner & Extender

It's one thing to clean and condition your pads, it's another to preserve them. Wolfgang Pad Werks Pad Cleaner & Extender is a two-in-one that makes cleaning pads fast and easy, while conditioning and preserving them for future use! Thanks to a unique blend of emulsifiers and condition agents, compounds and polishes and other residue will be released from your buffing pad.

Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Revitalizer

Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Revitalizer is a concentrated pad cleanser that cleans and restores foam and wool buffing pads. In 15 minutes, your soiled buffing pads are clean and ready to use again. The citrus formula eliminates oily compounds and polishes trapped within the pads, and it rinses clean.

Wolfgang Pad Werks Polishing Pad Revitalizer is a deeper clean than the previous products we mentioned. Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator is a citrus concentrate that dissolves in water to create a powerful cleanser. This is not a soap! Soap leaves a residue. Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator rinses completely clean. It's safe on foam and wool, and it doesn't alter the texture of the pads. Grab a bucket of water and use the included measuring cup to add one scoop to water. You can leave the soiled pads in the water mixture and come back to them, at least fifteen minutes later without having to scrub. But if your pads are really soiled and you would like to scrub the surfaces a bit, bring out your handy Foam Pad Conditioner Brush.

Feel free to buff away!

Now that you know all the ways to clean, condition, extend and rejuvenate your pads, you don't have to worry about how or how often you use them. Feel free to compound, polish and wax to your hearts desire knowing that you know the proper way to take care of all types of pads. Maybe your wallet will even feel a little better, knowing you no longer have to constantly buy new pads.

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