How to Clean and Protect your Glass

Your car's glass is your window to the world, so it's critical that you keep it not only cleaned but protected. Your glass has to be completely cleaned so they you don't have anything obstructing your vision, allowing for a safe drive. There are many different wants you can care for your glass, but here are some ways Wolfgang can help.

Keeping it clean overall!

First and foremost, just like you keep the rest of your car clean, you have to keep your glass clean as well. There are different ways you can do this; with a traditional wash, a rinseless wash or a waterless wash. All three can sufficiently clean your glass, but it will depend on the amount of time and tools you have. The traditional wash will require running water, some buckets and a lot of time. A rinseless wash will require a five-gallon bucket of water, a bucket and some time. But with a waterless wash, you can quickly spray and wipe away any smudges, dirt and fingerprints. Any wash you choose, will pave the way to really get to cleaning your glass.

For a traditional wash, use: Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Coating Wash

For a rinseless wash, use: Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash

For a waterless wash, use: Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Waterless Wash

Getting to the glass!

Once the surface is overall clean, so you can go even further with a designated glass cleaner.

For a glass cleaner, use: Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner

Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner is a powerful cleaner, made with the use of alcohol or ammonia. This makes the product 100% safe for tinted glass. Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner cuts through the deep stuff, the grime, the water spots, vinyl fogging, grease and even smoker's film.

One of the best parts about Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner is that is imparts a hydrophobic layer of protection on the surface, allowing for water to bead up and roll of the surface, helping to prevent water spots.

To clean your glass with Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Cleaner, all you need is the product itself and a few glass towels like the Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel . Make sure the surface is cool to the touch and just spray and wipe away!

PRO TIP! When cleaning both the outside and the inside of the glass, wipe in different directions for each surface. For example, wipe in an up-and-down motion for the exterior glass, and then wipe side-to-side for the interior glass, that way if you see streaks, you can know which side of the glass the streaks are on.

Taking it a step further!

Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish takes your glass cleaning to the next level. Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish really brings your exterior glass to a crystal-clear status, worthy of the name of this polish. This product uses a combination of a citrus-based chemical cleaner with glass-safe abrasives. Because of these abrasives, you can remove those hard-to-get contaminants without scratching the surface. It works at a microscopic level to break up and remove contaminants from the pits and valleys in the glass.

It is also formulated with hydrophobic properties to protect not only the glass from potential water spots, but also protections your vision when driving, so that rain will fly off your surface.

To use Wolfgang Perfekt Vision Glass Polish, you're going to have to work a little harder than just wiping away. Make sure the glass is still cool to the touch before continuing to work on it. Apply a quarter-sized amount of polish onto a wax applicator pad, if working by hand. If you are working with a polisher, apply to a foam polishing pad. Work in a small section, typically 12" x 12" and work vigorously until the contaminated spots are gone. Wipe away residue with the glass towel. If you see any lingering spots, you can polish the spots again.

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