How To Select a Fitting for the Foam Cannon HP

The Foam Cannon HP is designed to connect to a pressure washer. There are literally hundreds of different models of pressure washers on the market, and to utilize a Foam Cannon HP with your particular pressure washer, you need to know which fitting to get.

The Foam Cannon HP attaches to the trigger/gun assemble for your pressure washer in the exact same way that your wand currently does. So you will just need to remove the wand and look at the fitting that you currently have and match it up to one of the fittings that we offer below.

Pressure washer fittings

It's a common misconception that X brand pressure washer uses the same X brand fitting for the wand (the piece that the Foam Cannon HP replaces). That's not true of most pressure washers. Example: A Craftsman pressure washer may not necessarily utilize a Craftsman fitting. So just because you have X brand pressure washer and don't see the same corresponding X brand name for a fitting on the site, doesn't necessarily mean that the fittings available are not compatible with your pressure washer.

pressure washer wand

What you see above is the trigger assembly and wand off your typical Honda pressure washer. It's a very simple design that can be disassembled in a matter of minutes. It doesn't take a degree in mechanical engineering to disassemble a pressure washer wand.

Pressure wash assembly.Use wrench to remove wand.

That is where the wand attaches to the trigger assembly. It simply unscrews. The only tools required are a strong left hand and an adjustable wrench or channel lock pliers.

Wand removed from trigger assembly.

Here is what the wand looks like when it's removed from the trigger assembly. The Foam Cannon HP replaces the wand.

Match fitting located on the wand to one of the fittings available.

What you're looking at above is the fitting located on the wand that you need to match up to one of the fittings available. Remember, the Foam Cannon HP replaces the wand.

pressure washer fitting pressure washer fitting pressure washer fitting

Remember what I said about X brand pressure washer not necessarily utilizing the same brand fitting? Here is an excellent example. As you can see above, it's obvious that the Kranzle is the proper fitting. The diameter and size of the fitting are identical.

Proper fitting selected. Fitting inserted into pressure washer wand.

Hey it fits!

Screw brass nipple male connector into fitting. Assembled brass nipple and fitting Assembled wand

After screwing in/attaching the necessary fitting, you then need to screw in the brass male nipple connector (included with every Foam Cannon HP) to the fitting that you just attached to the trigger assembly. After that is done, simply attach the Foam Cannon HP and you're all set!

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