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12.0/18.0 FLEX CA Battery Charger

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FLEX 12.0/18.0 FLEX CA Battery Charger
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Keep those batteries charged for a worry free polishing job!

12.0/18.0 FLEX CA Battery Chargeris a “smart” charger used to power the batteries from the FLEX Cordless Tools. Developed using the most advanced battery charging technology, the FLEX Battery Charger will fully charge your battery in 40 to 60 minutes. Ideal for detail shops with high polisher usage, a FLEX Battery Charger allows you to have multiple batteries charging at one time – making sure you can always work! Keep one charging while you use another battery in the polisher and simply swap it out when one needs recharging. The bright color makes sure it is never misplaced, while the large LCD display reads battery diagnosis, charging status and has clear color coding that can be read from a distance.