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FLEX PXE 80 Flexible Shaft Bundle

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Item Description

The 2 tool combo to get a perfect polish any where!

The FLEX PXE 80 Flexible Shaft Bundle combines the two most advance detailing tools you will ever use, the FLEX PXE 80 and the FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set! These two tools give a huge range of adapters to accompany to the compact and versatile FLEX PXE 80 polisher, making it the only machine you'll ever need for spot buffing, finishing touches, or complex body polishing! When FLEX created the PXE 80, their goal was to make polishing smaller areas as easy as possible, and they definitely succeeded in that! The FLEX PXE 80 has a variety of different backing plate sizes/types and multiple drive type adapters to let you customize your polisher performance to any detailing job! And the FLEX PXE 80 is even completely cordless, so you don't have to worry about being chained to the wall! However, FLEX realized that even with the great amount of versatility of the PXE 80, it still wasn't able to polish the extremely niche areas of a car. That's why they came up with the FS-140 Flexible Shaft Kit to accompany it! This incredible tool not only extends the reach and flexibility of the FLEX PXE 80, but it also transfers all that polishing power into a ergonomic, pen-like handle that you can maneuver pretty much anywhere!

This kit includes the following items:

FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set
The FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set is the perfect extension to your FLEX PXE 80! This ingenious invention by FLEX gives your FLEX PXE 80 a flexible extension shaft, allowing you to extend its polishing power to any nook or cranny on your vehicle! Polishing behind door handles, between wheel spokes, between grille slats, in and around hood vents, and so many other areas is not a problem anymore! The FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set attaches to your FLEX PXE 80 using a quick-connect mechanism! Once attached, the FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set translates the circular motion along the flexible shaft to one of the many polishing heads included in the kit! This means you won't have to worry about being able to maneuver your polisher to polish the surface! Instead, you'll be able to polish any area where you could maneuver a pen! And the flexibility of the shaft means you will be able to reach into niche areas from pretty much any angle with ease! Just when you thought your FLEX PXE 80 couldn't get any better, the FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set is here to take it a step further!

Flexible Shaft
Allen Key
Rotary Drive Mechanism
2 Cylindrical Cutting Pads
2 Cylindrical Polishing Pads
2 Cylindrical Finishing Pads
2 Conical Cutting Pads
2 Conical Polishing Pads
2 Conical Finishing Pads

FLEX PXE 80 12-EC Kit
The most useful tool in detailing just got even better with the FLEX PXE 80 12-EC. The skillfully and cleverly crafted FLEX PXE 80 12-EC is designed to make polishing and sanding easier than ever before with its updated technology and cordless design. The FLEX PXE 80 12-EC with its new backing plate setup makes changing sizes faster and types even more convenient. The size and shape allow for a relaxed hold and able to get around to ever corner of your car. Plus, with this special set of accessories, youll have everything you need to get the ball rolling on getting your car in perfect shape.

PXE 80 12-EC
1 each of the adapters (1 rotary, 1 orbital 3mm and 1 orbital 12mm)
1 each of the backing plates (1- 1" sticky, 1- 1" Velcro and 1- 3" Velcro)
2 2.5 Amp batteries
1 charger
1 Bag

Kit Includes:
FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set
FLEX PXE 80 12-EC Kit